Kendrick Perkins Changes Tune On Celtics

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Kendrick Perkins hasn’t exactly been leading the Boston Celtics’ bandwagon in recent seasons, but something has him changing his tune ahead of the NBA Finals.

He’s all aboard the train back into Titletown.

“It’s going to come down to your superstars taking you home,” Perkins said on Thursday’s edition of “Felger & Mazz.” “… I got (the Celtics) winning it all, whatever team they match up against… I do have Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown hanging Banner 18 up in the rafters.”

Jayson Tatum, the guy that Perkins claimed he was “so over” just a few weeks ago? Jaylen Brown, whose trust had been broken by the Celtics, according to Perk? Does he remember calling for the Celtics to split the duo up after they failed to reach the NBA Finals last season? Does he know that “bird-brained” Joe Mazzulla is still coaching in Boston?

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What changed?

The Celtics made it within four wins of a title, but besides that, nothing. Tatum and Brown have both continued to play well throughout the postseason, with boosts from their supporting cast of Jrue Holiday, Derrick White, Al Horford and others.

Perkins’ words are all that have truly changed, as his NBA Finals pick is just as disingenuous as all the stuff he’s spewed about his former organization over the last few years. Perkins was never going to be confused with a legitimate source of basketball knowledge, but the back-and-forth regarding Tatum and Brown isn’t helping his case of being anything more than a hot-take artist.

Carry on…

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