Kevin Garnett Bashes Celtics Narrative In Expletive-Laden Rant

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Many have tried to diminish the Celtics’ accomplishment of reaching the NBA Finals for the second time in three years.

Those detractors remain hung up on Boston’s path to basketball’s biggest stage, which saw Joe Mazzulla’s side beat up on inferior opponents who were without their best player. The Celtics made quick work of those foes, dropping only two games in the first three rounds combined.

Kevin Garnett, however, has no time for that narrative. The Boston legend sounded off on the talking point on the latest episode of the “Ticket & The Truth” podcast.

“I think people want this big-ass (expletive) drama or something because all of the other series have been like this,” Garnett said. “‘Oh, when LeBron (James) made it and when Kobe (Bryant) did this and Michael Jordan.’ Listen, man. Their path is their path. First off, it’s not on the Celtics that guys are getting hurt, not playing, falling out of the lineup, etc. There are still other professionals coming in, playing hard as (expletive) and still trying to win. And to close out a game on the road? Man, I don’t know what people want.

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“People want all this heartfelt drama and going seven games. Nah, that ain’t the script here. Their script — they’re damn near 16 games better than anybody in the East, they steamrolled through your team and it is what it is. And then, too, they’re down 18 on the road. They think you can just hit a button and all of a sudden you’re tied. No, man. You have to go win on the road and it’s hard as (expletive) to go win on the road and it’s even more hard to close out a team. But for all this other (expletive) they can’t control and that’s out of their control — get the (expletive) out of here with that. This is what it is.”

Garnett’s final point probably was the most pertinent. The Celtics played the hand they were dealt in the Eastern Conference playoffs and by and large looked like the league’s best team. What more could you ask of Boston?

Trying to poke holes in success comes with the territory of being a great team. The Celtics’ haters will continue to do so as long as they can, but there won’t be much left to say if an 18th championship banner is raised to the TD Garden rafters.

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