The Simply Chic Patio Furniture Color Design Experts Are Loving

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Patio furniture design trends come and go, so it can be useful to plan your outdoor furnishings around a neutral color palette. But, white upholstery will discolor rapidly, and cool gray might be a bit too gloomy for your outdoor space. This year, design experts agree that beige is the go-to color for patio furnishings. 

Earthy tones are having a moment, so now is the time to seek out a beige color scheme for your deck, patio, balcony, or sunroom. Not only will beige fabric hide smears of dirt and smatterings of sand (inevitable from summer activities), but it will coordinate well with lots of other accent colors, from cool blue hues to shocking reds and pinks. Shades of brown can be playful, and using a neutral should never be boring. You can play with texture, tone, and pattern to make beige look effortless, chic, and classic. Take a look at some inspirational ideas for decorating with beige patio furniture.

Pair beige patio furniture with other classic neutrals

Don’t be afraid to mix-and-match neutrals. Last year’s gray cushions can provide a calming counterpart to a new beige rattan loveseat. Natural tones with texture, like stone and brick, also play great against beige furniture. If your patio decor is beginning to look a little flat, adding some texture into the mix is always a great way to perk things up. Beige also looks wonderful with all the colors of nature; a perfect excuse to bring some houseplants into your space. Try interspersing pieces of beige furniture with lovely foliage in elegant black or white planters for a pop of vibrant green. Check your USDA hardiness zone to find out what indoor plants might do well when transferred outside to your deck.

If you fear the pitfalls of “boring brown,” look no further than a few of beige’s cousins, like warm terra cotta and sandy taupe. Beige pairs effortlessly with other warm neutrals, making your job a little easier.

Complement your beige furnishings with pops of color

If you like the classy, chic aura of beige, but you want to get a little more creative with your design, there are lots of cohesive ways to integrate pops of color into your beige patio decor. Start with a few sets of outdoor accent pillows. Playing off natural motifs using floral patterns is an unobtrusive way to integrate playful hues into your scheme. An outdoor area rug is another easy way to add some color bursts to your patio, but be careful: a large area rug can consume both your space and your colorway. Instead, try a smaller rug that is mostly beige with small hints of color. 

Beige plays especially nicely with other warm colors, so try pairing your furniture with accents of yellow and orange. A lemon yellow throw blanket will give your tan loveseat a cozy feel, while a cinnamon-orange patio umbrella plays off the same homey shades. Mixing and matching neutrals and brights can be a bit intimidating at first, so sticking to warm brights that enhance the cozy feeling of your beige furniture is a sure way to stay on track. 

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