Harry Jowsey Has Best Thrusting Technique in ‘Perfect Match’: 1st Look

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Harry Jowsey proves his thrusting technique is superior during season 2 of Perfect Match.

During a first look at the Friday, June 7, season premiere — shared exclusively with Us Weekly — contestants pair off and attempt to move a metal cage hanging from a rope above water using only hip movements.

“A little awkward out of the gate,” host Nick Lachey says in the clip as the five twosomes try to hump their way to the finish line. However, Harry, 27, who is paired with fellow Too Hot to Handle alum Elys Hutchinson for the challenge, looks totally comfortable.

“I’m looking around at everyone and they have absolutely no rhythm and no idea on simple physics on how to make a cage move on a railway track above water, but for some reason I figured out the quickest way to do it,” he recalls during a confessional.

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Although viewers will have to tune in to the Perfect Match season 2 premiere to see who wins the competition, Harry and Elys, 24, take an early lead. Harry also gives Elys a peck on the cheek before the intimate challenge kicks off.

Harry Jowsey and Elys Hutchinson Have Best Thrusting Technique in ‘Perfect Match’: 1st Look

Harry Jowsey and Elys Hutchinson.

“Harry and Elys got something going here,” Nick decrees while watching the action.

Not all the pairs in the competition are as in sync as Harry and Elys. Love Is Blind’s Izzy Zapata and The Trust’s Tolú Ekundare struggle quite a bit.

“Wait, tell me when you’re thrusting!” Tolú, 27, exclaims. While most of the duos stand face to face during the challenge, Tolú opts to turn her back to Izzy, 31 — and the strategy doesn’t work out so well.

“Our technique is absolutely not working. She knocked the s–t out of my balls when she was going back and forth,” Izzy says during a confessional.

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The other pairs for the competition consisted of Squid Game: The Challenge’s Bryton Constantin and Too Hot to Handle’s Dominique Defoe, Dated & Related’s Kaz Bishop and The Circle’s Xanthi Perdikomatis and Too Hot to Handle’s Stevan Ditter and Love Is Blind’s Micah Lussier.

Stevan, 29, and Micah, 28, laugh as they fail at the competition, with Stevan repeatedly slamming into Micah’s upper body and making no progress.

“We are not moving!” Micah yells while smiling.

“Stevan and Micah having a little trouble,” Nick narrates.

As if the hip-thrusting challenge weren’t uncomfortable enough, Netflix dropped a sneak peek at an awkward moment between Izzy and Micah on Wednesday, June 5.

“It’s crazy to see you here,” Izzy told Micah in the clip after admitting to following her on social media and watching her TikToks after seeing her season of Love Is Blind. “You’re funny as f—k.”

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Izzy then said he felt “so awkward” to be “fanboying” over Micah. She seemed unimpressed by his approach and joked, “Apparently you already know everything about me.” Izzy then spilled some of his drink on his lap while attempting to take a sip.

Harry Jowsey and Elys Hutchinson Have Best Thrusting Technique in ‘Perfect Match’: 1st Look

Izzy Zapata and Tolu Ekundare.

“Oh god,” Micah said, laughing.

Izzy covered his face in his hands while recalling the strikeout during a confessional.

“I don’t even want to think about it, it’s so cringe,” he said. “Probably gave her the ick with that.”

Perfect Match features a mix of romance and strategy as contestants compete in challenges to prove their compatibility. The most compatible pairs have an opportunity to play matchmaker, breaking up couples and creating fresh matches as new singles enter the villa. Season 1 premiered in February 2023 and is now streaming on Netflix.

Season 2 of Perfect Match hits Netflix on Friday, June 7.

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