The Screen That Hides Tillamook Ice Cream Isn’t Just A Jimmy Kimmel Bit, It’s Real– And You Can Have One, Too

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A recent Jimmy Kimmel Live skit showed Kimmel sidekick Guillermo Rodriguez trying to hide his beloved Tillamook Dark Chocolate Cookies and Cream ice cream from his “roommate” Kimmel. He did this using the Tillamook iScreen, a “high-tech” screen that he placed in the freezer to conceal the dessert. But the nifty tool wasn’t just a joke — the light-bending “invisibility shield” is a real product that’s available for purchase, just in time for National Chocolate Ice Cream Day.

Famous ice cream brand Tillamook recently debuted its new Tillamook Chocolate Collection Ice Cream with four brand new flavors — all made with extra cream and 45% more cocoa than its classic chocolate flavors — leading to a devastating spike in household ice cream theft that’s tearing families and friendships apart.

Kimmel’s skit illustrated the problem when the late-night host came home after a long day of work looking forward to eating his ice cream. Guillermo, spoon in hand, quickly hid behind the open freezer door. With nowhere to go, Guillermo hid the carton of ice cream behind the Tillamook iScreen, ensuring he could keep it all to himself.

Tillamook iScreen

“I think we’re all out,” Guillermo fibs in the skit.

“I just bought that! Who ate it?” Jimmy asks, echoing pained exclamations heard in kitchens across the country.

Guillermo, grasping for an excuse, replies, “I don’t know. Maybe… birds?”

The Tillamook iScreen uses cutting-edge technology, developed over half a decade, to make cartons of ice cream invisible to the naked eye. When a carton of your favorite Tillamook ice cream is placed behind the iScreen, its lenticular lenses, which use tiny ridges to bend light, hide the ice cream from “pesky freezer grazers.”

“We know Tillamook fans everywhere are crazy for the new Chocolate Collection and will go to great lengths to keep their freezers stocked with the goods — as they should,” Kate Boltin, Vice President of Marketing at Tillamook, explained in a statement. “Some people are kind enough to share a spoonful here or there, while others are not, and that’s OK too. Honestly, that’s why we created the Tillamook iScreen, to keep unwanted spoons out of your Tillamook ice cream, so it stays, well, yours.”

The iScreen will shield cartons of Tillamook Dark Chocolate Cookies and Cream, as well as the three other flavors in the Tillamook Chocolate Collection: German Chocolate Cake, a dark chocolate ice cream mixed with a brown sugar coconut swirl, chopped pecans, and chunks of chocolate cake; Brownie Batter, a super creamy ice cream full of brownie bites; and Chocolate Hazelnut, a dark chocolate ice cream with chopped hazelnuts and a hazelnut butter ribbon.

Starting on June 7, fans will be able to purchase their very own Tillamook iScreen at for $19.99. The release comes just in time for National Chocolate Ice Cream Day.

TMX contributed to this story.

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