Celtics’ Best Player? Mavericks’ Jason Kidd Gives Divisive Answer

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Dallas Mavericks head coach Jason Kidd might not be able to physically stop Jaylen Brown and/or Jayson Tatum, but he certainly can try to get in their heads.

It’s actually exactly what he tried to do Saturday.

“(Jaylen Brown) is their best player,” Kidd said at his media availability Saturday. “He did everything (in Game 1) and that’s what your best player does. He plays both sides, he plays defense and offense at a high rate. He was the Eastern Conference finals MVP, and it seems like he’s picked up where he left off.”

It was a clear display of gamesmanship by Kidd, who despite his actual feelings on the Brown/Tatum dynamic, likely knows his statement would make headlines. He’s been around long enough, and has showed his propensity for using unique tactics both on and off the court.

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His mention of Brown’s recognition following the East Finals was especially noticeable, considering the talk about Tatum’s reaction that flooded the airwaves in the days following.

The Celtics likely aren’t going to let Kidd’s words do anything to step in their way of capturing Banner 18, not when they’re this close.

It’s always worth a try, though.

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