10 Stunning IKEA Glass Cabinets You’ll Want In Your Home

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IKEA, a retailer that opened in Sweden in the 1940s, focuses on producing products that have the proper balance between low prices, good quality, functionality, and sustainability. The result is a huge furniture offering full of extremely versatile and often very affordable pieces. One of IKEA’s more popular furniture categories is their glass display and storage cabinets, which come in a wide variety of styles, sizes, finishes, and functions that make them perfect for incorporating into almost any home and design style. If you’re searching for the perfect glass cabinet for your home, check out 10 of IKEA’s beautiful options below, including the popular MILSBO and HEMNES cabinets. While some of these furniture pieces are fully made out of glass with a frame, others just have glass doors.

Besides their typical use as display for decor, books, or collections, these glass cabinets are popping up all over social media as indoor greenhouses, fancy bar stations, elegant bathroom linen storage options, full custom storage walls, and more. With many of these pieces showcasing both glass shelves and doors, some homeowners have opted to install lighting inside their furniture piece for an additional warm, glowing effect that permeates throughout the entire unit. A dust-free way to display whatever unique thing that makes your heart sing and your home special, this list of glass door cabinets will have you running to the nearest IKEA.


First on the list is the extremely popular MILSBO cabinet, which will only set you back $229.99. While TikTok proves this IKEA glass cabinet is a stylish storage solution for any room, social media also makes it abundantly clear that it can be used as an indoor greenhouse, too. Simply add some grow lights plugged into the integrated outlet at the top of the unit and this metal cabinet, available in white or black, will become the ideal glass vessel for showcasing your plants. The glass shelves are adjustable as well, and the piece comes with a lock, too.

2. BILLY with OXBERG doors

The BILLY bookcase is a classic and has been one of IKEA’s bestsellers since its introduction in 1978. By combining the open bookshelf with OXBERG glass doors for $357, you can convert IKEA’s BILLY bookcase into a display case to dress up any boring wall. These versatile shelves are perfect for showing off your favorite collections, with half glass door options to hide clutter below as needed. Pair these glass beauties with the open BILLY series in a home office to create a luxe, high-end custom library that features display storage intermingled with your book collection.


If IKEA’s famous affordability is a priority, set your sights on the incredibly inexpensive BAGGEBO glass cabinet, available to take home for about $40. This cabinet features perforated metal sides and a super small footprint at only about 13 inches wide by 12 inches deep. The small-space-friendly cabinet is perfect for showcasing modestly-sized collections, using as a funky display nightstand, or squeezing in some extra storage in tiny spaces like bathrooms. The perforated sides also allow airflow, making it a great option as a plant display shelf with a glass door to protect greenery from fur babies.


If you love a dramatic, moody vibe and are willing to splurge on a cabinet with a ton of style, then the LOMMARP is your pick. While it isn’t cheap at $499, the stunning dark blue-green finish alone (though it also comes in black and beige) is worth every penny. With gorgeous decorative details like the doors and feet as well as the beadboard backing, this cabinet has a more formal new traditional vibe. Its upscale cottage-y aesthetic is perfect for bringing charm into any room and could act as a lovely dining room hutch or bathroom linen cabinet.


Another one of IKEA’s higher-end glass cabinets is the $479 HEMNES, which is made of solid wood and features versatile drawer storage below glass display doors. As a part of the robust HEMNES line, this glass cabinet is ideally paired with other items in the series to create customized storage walls and is perfect in rooms such as the living room or home office. Alternatively, line up two or three of these fantastic glass cabinets in your dining room to create an entertainer’s paradise, complete with both display space and hidden storage for hiding hosting essentials from guests.


If you are looking for a glass cabinet with some serious personality, head straight for the FABRIKÖR with a metal frame and double glass doors that’s available in blue or light yellow. Drawing attention with their fun frames, these quirky $159.99 cabinets are perfect for the artsy collector to show off their treasures in style. Alternatively, if you are more of an entertainer, the FABRIKÖR makes a gorgeous bar cabinet, complete with a lock to keep your spirits safe.


A long time modular favorite, the IKEA BESTÅ cabinet can be upgraded with glass doors for a luxurious look. The BESTÅ series is fully customizable so you can create ideal configurations with various size frames and doors that suit your use and taste. Try the elevated glass look in a gorgeous dark olive finish as a low decorative sideboard or use the reeded glass door panel option on a black frame to create a swanky bar cabinet. No matter which frame, finish, or glass type you chose, creating a stunning, modular, and fully-customized display piece is easy with the BESTÅ.


Another affordable IKEA cabinet jumping on the reeded glass trend is the MOSSJÖN glass wall cabinet that costs just under $90. At only about 14 inches wide and 7 inches deep, this small-space wall-mounted storage solution offers a bit of privacy, as the reeded glass blurs the contents of the cabinet without fully hiding them. This would be stunning in a bathroom or vanity area to showcase your high-end beauty products or perfume collection. Alternatively, it would be lovely if used as utilitarian storage anywhere else in the home, where you could utilize baskets to hide clutter behind the glass as needed.


If you are looking for an affordable full-height cabinet strictly for display, the roomy IKEA BRIMNES glass door cabinet only costs $199 and is over 6 feet tall. Available in black or white, this cabinet boasts 10 adjustable glass shelves and two stable wood shelves for maximum storage capabilities. Pair two of these together in a dining or living room to achieve over 5 feet of glass display space in width for only $400. Compared to other glass cabinets of its size, the BRIMNES is a steal and the perfect way to create a dust-free display wall on a budget.


The solid wood HAVSTA series was originally developed as a living room storage line, but its popularity throughout the home has proven its versatility. A modular system with a base and upper components, the HAVSTA for $418-$429 allows you to create incredible storage walls perfectly suited to your space. Pairing the deeper base cabinet full of hidden functional storage with the upper glass cabinet creates a full-height storage piece with ultimate flexibility. Line these up in the dining room or on a spare wall in the kitchen to make stunning hutch storage to display your favorite dishware, cookbooks, or coffee/bar supplies.

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