Are Mavericks Due To Surprise Celtics In Game 3 Of NBA Finals?

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The Boston Celtics dusted off their hands and took a 2-0 series lead over the Dallas Mavericks to begin the NBA Finals, off to the West Coast halfway from seizing the Larry O’Brien Trophy once and for all.

However… is it time to fully rule out the Mavericks?

NESN’s Travis Thomas reacted to Game 2 of the Finals, another perplexing performance from Luka Doncic, and whether or not Dallas stands a chance to avoid a four-game sweep.

“Listen, I think the Mavs win Game 3,” Thomas predicted on the “Hold My Banner” vodcast. “I think going back home is exactly what the doctor ordered for Kyrie (Irving). So I’m gonna imagine he’s going to actually show up in this series for the first time. Luka’s gonna continue to be Luka, and although I’ve given the Celtics credit defensively for shutting down the others, I still believe when you’re at home, you get that home cooking.”

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Doncic led all scorers in Game 2 with 32 points, but the 25-year-old’s eight turnovers, combined with Irving’s 7-of-18 shooting performance produced a divot that wasn’t sustainable for Dallas.

It’s hard to imagine the competitors both Doncic and Irving are will allow the Celtics to trot their way across the finish line, therefore Game 3 should be interesting once Boston and Dallas meet on Wednesday night.

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