How To Keep Summer Crush Hydrangeas Happy In Intense Summer Heat

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The first concern for gardeners when temperatures rise is hydration. No gardener enjoys seeing their hydrangeas browning and wilting in the heat. These flowers prefer moist, fertile, well-draining soil, so newly planted flowers need to be watered frequently to ensure they’re off to a great start. Established hydrangeas need to be watered well once a week, but you may need to water your Summer Crush hydrangeas more frequently if they’re going to survive the hot and dry conditions of the summer. 

Be mindful of where and when you water. The best method of watering your hydrangeas is to water them directly into the soil, avoiding the leaves. Water your hydrangeas early in the morning or late in the afternoon. Employing a drip irrigation system will allow your plants to remain hydrated without droplets on the leaves, which could encourage diseases such as Corynespora leaf spot.

Get your hands dirty and feel the soil beneath your flowers. Press into the soil and rub some of it between your fingers; that will tell you how wet or dry it is. You don’t want your flowers so wet that they are sitting in water, but also avoid letting your soil dry up below the surface. Summer Crush hydrangeas planted in containers can dry out quicker because of the drainage system in potting containers, so watering them more frequently will help to keep the soil hydrated for longer.

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