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A closely contested election for sheriff in Shreveport’s Caddo Parish, Louisiana, resulted in a single-vote victory for Democratic candidate Henry Whitehorn after a recount.

However, the Republican opponent, John Nickelson, challenged the results due to alleged fraudulent voting and flaws in the electoral process.

Retired justice E. Joseph Bleich ruled in Nickelson’s favor, declaring the election results void and ordering another runoff election due to proven illegal votes.

“This runoff election involved a one-vote margin,” Bleich wrote in his ruling.

“It was proven beyond any doubt that there were at least 11 illegal votes cast and counted,” he added.

“It is legally impossible to know what the true vote should have been.”

This decision sparked controversy, with the losing camp claiming insufficient evidence of fraud.

“The judiciary should not decide elections,” Whitehorn said.

“Louisiana courts have made it clear that the results of an election are to be disturbed only under extraordinary circumstances where a plaintiff introduces compelling evidence that is sufficient to change the result in the election.”

The case has drawn attention from Republican activists and may resonate with conservatives concerned about voter fraud, as indicated by a recent survey showing widespread belief in potential cheating in the 2024 election cycle.

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