Katie Holmes Has No Idea There’s a Dawson’s Creek WhatsApp Group

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Katie Holmes.
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Katie Holmes’ WhatsApp status? Unavailable.

In an interview with the U.K.’s Sunday Times published on Sunday, June 9, Holmes said she isn’t aware that her former Dawson’s Creek costars have a WhatsApp group together — and she finds the app “a little too much.”

The group chat was apparently set up by Joshua Jackson — who played Holmes’ love interest, Pacey Witter — but when asked about it, the Joey Potter actress jokingly responded: “Um… really?”

“All of us text every now and then, but I wasn’t aware of the WhatsApp,” Holmes, 45, went on to explain.

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In case Jackson or Holmes’ fellow costars, including James Van Der Beek and Michelle Williams, are wondering why Holmes hasn’t responded to their messages, there’s a pretty simple reason.

“I’m really bad at WhatsApp. I never check it because it’s a little too much,” she said.

However, Holmes reiterated she keeps in touch with the cast “every now and then,” adding: “Everyone’s grown up and is busy, but the bond will forever be there.”


Katie Holmes, James Van Der Beek, Michelle Williams, Joshua Jackson.
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Dawson’s Creek aired for six seasons on The WB between 1998 and 2003, catapulting Holmes, Jackson, Van Der Beek and Williams to worldwide fame.

The teen drama’s cast reunited in 2018 to appear on the cover of Entertainment Weekly to mark the show’s 20th anniversary.

“I think we’ve all sort of seen each other over the years, but not everybody all together,” said Holmes at the time.

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Despite airing over 20 years ago, Dawson’s Creek has gained legions of new fans through streaming services such as Netflix.

Last year, Holmes said it was “pretty wild” that the show is still so popular with new viewers.

“I mean, I’m kind of amazed that people are connecting to it only because the world was… it was right before phones — well, I mean, there were flip phones and things — but before the internet really took off and social media,” she said on Sirius XM’s The Jess Cagle Show. “Life now is so different than the simplicity that was portrayed between this group of friends.”

“It’s great that people are connecting… we had a really good time making it,” she added.

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