Martha Stewart’s creative laundry room tips

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A well-stocked laundry room will make the chore easier. According to Stewart, there are a few things to have on hand ahead of time to reduce the stress of the task when it’s time to begin. “Always keep a stain removal chart…right in your laundry room,” she told viewers on YouTube. “Keep a little kit with all the ingredients, the alcohol, the acetone, the vinegar, the mineral oil. All of these items will help you remove any tough stains. Just follow the directions on the chart.” 

The star offers fans a handy stain-removal chart on her website. However, you can also make your own chart with the toughest laundry stains you tend to encounter the most. This way, the laundry experience is most personalized and you’re not skimming over information you never use each time you do a load.

Yet stain removal essentials aren’t the only thing that Stewart keeps on hand. “I have a complete set of cleaning and washing and ironing tools and supplies, a good folding table, and excellent sturdy shelving to hold heavier items like soap canisters, cleaning kits, and even extra towels and linens,” she wrote for CNN about the contents of her laundry room. From pre-treatment to putting laundry away, having the supplies prepared (and in a dedicated spot!) will keep your house running smoothly.

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