The Best Way To DIY Epoxy Garage Floors To Transform Your Space

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The DIY epoxy garage floor project kicks off with tidying up the space. You’re aiming for a blank canvas to slap epoxy on. Go ahead and cover up anything that’s sticking out (think tools and equipment) with dust sheets or tarps. Those old stains and random tape pieces — scrape all that away, then summon a leaf blower for dust removal. Got grease or sticky grime on the floor? A degreaser like the Mean Green Super Strength Cleanser & Degreaser at Walmart ($6.18) will suffice.

Next, bring in the heavy artillery: the power washer. Give that floor a thorough blast to get all the deep-seated dirt out, then roughen it up for the epoxy to grip. If using a handheld grinder sounds like a chore, rent a walk-behind floor grinder. Or, as an alternative, slap on etching acid, let it sit for half an hour, then rinse thoroughly with a pressure washer or hose. Let your garage floor rest for 24 hours.

When it’s go-time for the epoxy coating, start with a primer to prevent moisture issues. Then, concoct your epoxy — a drill attachment will help mix the ingredients evenly. Done, start by tackling the edges with a paintbrush, then spread out to the center with a roller. Feeling creative? Sprinkle decorative chips on the wet epoxy for a bit of flair. Play it safe by waiting 25 hours before walking on the refreshed garage floor or 48 hours before introducing heavy equipment.

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