TikTok’s IKEA Curtain Track Hack Will Beautifully Transform The Look Of Your Bathroom

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The first step outlined in this project is installing the VIDGA curtain track on the ceiling. But we suggest starting with another crucial step before starting anything — taking precise measurements. Doing so will ensure you get the look you want without wasting time or money buying the wrong products for the job.

First, measure the width of your shower opening from wall to wall, as it may impact how much curtain track you need to buy. Most bathrooms will fare just fine with the 55 ¾-inch length of a single VIDGA, but it’s still good to know for sure before buying. Second, measure exactly where you intend to mount the curtain track from floor-to-ceiling so you can be sure which length of curtain you need. And if you have a tub, measure from the ceiling to about halfway down the wall of the tub to see where your curtain liner should fall.

If you choose the NÄCKTEN liner from IKEA instead of the AmazerBath option, keep in mind it’s only 71 inches long. This means it may not reach the tub or extend to the floor if installed on the ceiling track. You can always hang it on the existing shower rod behind the new curtain. But that may cause a visual interruption in the continuous floor-to-ceiling silhouette. Ultimately, you can opt for either option based on your specific bathroom measurements and your desired look.

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