Toilet Shims Are The Budget-Friendly Answer To A Wobbly Toilet

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To fix your uneven toilet with shims, you’ll need a few supplies: a rubber mallet, a knife, and, of course, shims. Head to your local hardware store or order a pack of toilet shims from Amazon. Considering that the bathroom is a wet area, you’ll want shims made from a water-resistant material such as rubber or plastic. Once you’ve identified where the gap is, slide one of your shims inside of it. Force it in as much as possible with your hands. You can use the rubber mallet to push it until it is flush with the toilet base if needed. If pushing the shim in too far is causing the toilet to be uneven on the other side, you can cut off the excess length of the shim with a very sharp knife or multi-tool, but be sure to use caution. 

Test the toilet seat for wobbliness by shaking it with your hand, and even taking a seat so it has to bear your full weight. You may have to use a couple of shims, depending on how significant the gapping is, so repeat as necessary. 

But that’s not where you’re finished, because you want to seal the gaps to prevent any structural damage. Use caulk to fully seal the area and give a clean finish, then allow it to fully dry for at least 24 hours before using the toilet. Just like that, your toilet should be stable and safe to use once again. 

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