Turn Salvaged Bricks Into The DIY Patio Of Your Dreams

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Once you have your reclaimed bricks and have cleaned them thoroughly, create a design for your patio. There are various ways to arrange the bricks, so consider several options and choose a pattern that you find aesthetically pleasing. A zigzagging herringbone pattern offers a lot of visual interest. A running bond pattern in which there are rows of offset bricks is also a very common option. Ideally, you should draw your design and consider all of the best brick patio ideas before you get to work. 

Once you’re ready to get started, prepare your patio and ensure you’re building on level ground. Clean your patio, lay sand and gravel, and measure the area accurately. You’ll need to level and compact the dirt and ensure that the space is ready for the bricks. Once you’ve prepared the area, you’ll need to place the bricks in your desired pattern.

Be aware that bricks that are salvaged may not be perfectly level, but it’s best to embrace this. It will help add to the rustic, vintage charm of your new patio. Once you’ve laid the bricks out perfectly, you’ll need to finish the job with the help of paving sand. Paving sand helps to fill any gaps that remain between the bricks and gives it the finished look it needs to make an amazing patio. Use a broom to spread the sand evenly between the bricks and then to remove any that remains once you’re done.

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