Windex Is Not Ideal For Quartz Countertops, According to Our Expert

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The good news for those who have already been using Windex to clean their quartz countertops is that — according to Kathy Cohoon — the original formula isn’t likely to cause any damage. “You want to make sure it’s the regular Windex,” she specified in her exclusively talk with House Digest, “not a fancy specialty formula.” The reason you should avoid specialized products? “Those could have additives that might not react well with your quartz,” the cleaning pro explained.

Cohoon also recommended checking the manufacturer’s recommendations for your specific countertop before choosing a default cleaning solution. “They might have their own preferred cleaning methods to keep your quartz looking pristine,” she advised. Original Windex contains ammonia, so you’ll want to avoid using it on your countertops — if the manufacturer specifically warns against contact with ammonia-based products. You may also wish to stop using ammonia due to its potential health risks.

If you’ve already used a specialty version of Windex on your quartz countertops, don’t worry — the ramifications are probably less than severe. “Using the wrong type of cleaner could potentially leave a residue or dull the shine of your countertop over time,” Cohoon cautioned. Once you know better, you should have plenty of opportunity to change your cleaning habits without sacrificing your quartz.

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