Woke Hollywood Panics: ‘People Are Not in the Moviegoing Habit’

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The domestic box office is down significantly compared to previous years, causing concern in Hollywood.

“We are concerned,” one insider stated. “People are not in the moviegoing habit.”

However, observers argue the core issue is not a lack of major releases but that the quality of films has declined, with many movies in recent years perceived as overly politically focused or preachy.

The box office has seen numerous high-profile sequels, remakes and adaptations released in the first half of 2024 but they have underperformed commercially.

Some feel this suggests audiences have lost interest in moviegoing due to an succession of dull or offensive films in prior years.

The upcoming Deadpool and Wolverine movie is predicted to far exceed expectations and demonstrate that appealing concept and entertainment value, not quantity of releases, are needed to revitalize ticket sales.

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