Explains ‘Sister, Sister’ Exit In Resurfaced Clip

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Social media is sharing reactions to a resurfaced clip of Marques Houston reflecting on his departure from  ‘Sister, Sister.’

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Marques Houston Explains His ‘Sister, Sister’ Exit In Resurfaced Clip

On Sunday, June 9, The Art Of Dialogue took to X, formerly known as Twitter, to share a video clip with followers. The clip featured footage from Houston’s April 2023 appearance on the ‘R&B MONEY Podcast.’

In the footage, Houston explained that he “did four seasons” of the show and then “left.” According to IMDb, ‘Sister, Sister’ aired for a total of six seasons, concluding in 1999.

“I just felt like I didn’t want to be old and be Roger. Like, I didn’t want to be…” the singer explained before being cut off by fellow singer-songwriter J. Valentine, who chimed in with the word “typecast.”

Houston seemingly agreed and added another thought: “Like, Jaleel White was with Urkel.”

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From there, the singer explained that while he was guest starring on ‘Sister, Sister,’ he was also on the road with the R&B boy group Immature.

“I was two different people – on the road, I’m sexy, I’m taking my shirt off. I’m doing all [this] on stage, and then here I’m goofy. I’m being professional… and it’s like two different characters,” Houston said. “I’m like, ‘This dude, he’s ruining Immature.”

Houston seemed to explain that his feelings came to a boiling point when he noticed “Roger was overtaking Immature.”

“Once I started going out, and everybody started saying ‘Go home, Roger,’ I was like, ‘I don’t want that,’” he continued.

Ultimately, the singer explained that he felt he was “overexposing himself as an entertainer,” which wasn’t working for the group. Houston added that he was represented as a “ladies’ man” in Immature, and his role as Roger wasn’t that.

At that point, Valentine asked Houston if he would have stayed if Roger had been a ladies’ man, which he confirmed.

Check out the clip below.

Social Media Goes Wild With Reactions

Social media users shared a plethora of reactions to Houston’s resurfaced words in The Art Of Dialogue comment section on X.

The Singer Recently Made Headlines With THIS Major Life Update

Most recently, Houston made headlines after welcoming his second child with his wife, Miya, in December 2023. As The Shade Room previously reported, the couple welcomed a baby boy named Greyson.

To note, the couple also share an older daughter named Zara.

The Houstons have been married since 2020. However, their union has caused plenty of conversation in recent years. As The Shade Room previously reported, in April 2023, Marques Houston went viral for defending their 20-year age gap. To note, Marques is Miya’s senior.

Later that month, Houston sparked more reactions after saying he could’ve married a woman around his age. However, he believes they have a “different outlook on life.”

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