Stephen A. Smith Speaks On Will Smith Slapping Chris Rock

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Social media is sharing reactions after Stephen A. Smith explained that he doesn’t know if he’ll “ever get over” Will Smith slapping Chris Rock.

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Here’s What Stephen A. Smith Initially Said About Will Smith & His Infamous Oscar Slap

On Sunday, June 9, a 16-minute clip from a recent episode of Stephen A.’s show, ‘The Stephen A. Smith Show,’ was posted via YouTube. In the clip, Stephen A. spoke about the recent release and success of Will Smith’s latest film, ‘Bad Boys: Ride or Die.’

“Domestic projections for ‘Ride or Die’ were at 50 million. But that reportedly simmered to $40 million,” Stephen A. alleged before posing a question. “Could the lack of presales be because people have not forgiven Will Smith for that — that slap right there? How much you wanna make a bet it does?”

Stephen A. explained that he would like to see Will do an interview about “why” he slapped Chris Rock at the 2022 Oscars. Stephen A. acknowledged that Will has since apologized for the action. However, Will should “provide an explanation” to the Black community “about why that happened.”

“And even though we weren’t the ones that were slapped literally, ladies and gentlemen, figuratively, the Black community was slapped,” Stephen A. continued.

Ultimately, the TV host explained that “a lot of folks didn’t get over that,” and now many people find it “hard” to watch Will in films. Additionally, Stephen A. explained that Chris Rock, whom he referred to as his “close friend,” is “damaged” and will “never get over” the ordeal.

The TV Host’s Statements Spark Criticism As He Speaks Out

Stephen A.’s strong stance immediately sparked comments under the YouTube video.

YouTube user wrote, Real fans never stopped. Not gonna judge someone over 1 incident after over 30 years of no issues.”

While YouTube userWE never stopped. He slapped a dude, he didn’t kill anyone.”

YouTube user@bighomiegetit7228 wrote, “Why is he bringing this up? You trying to block that man’s blessing? Let him live it was over with?”

Then, on Tuesday, June 11, a follow-up clip from ‘The Stephen A. Smith Show’ was shared via YouTube. In the clip, Stephen A. explained that he doesn’t know if he’ll “ever get over what Will Smith did to Chris Rock.” However, that doesn’t mean that he “has to.”

Additionally, the TV host asserted that he wasn’t trying to deter people from seeing the actor’s latest film.

Lastly, Stephen A. appeared to extend grace to Will after saying the actor’s life has been filled with “more good than bad.”

Watch his comments below.

Social Media Continues To Weigh In

Stephen A. seemingly attempted to quell the reactions to his initial statements on Will. However, his latest comments appear to have only fired up social media more. In The Shade Room’s comment section, fans continued to weigh in with thoughts on the TV host’s words.

Instagram user @toodiebruce wrote, “Nah, he speaking for the YT community.”

While Instagram user @genevasthomas added, “It is the work of the enemy to remind the world of your mistakes in your season of winning. The only reason “the slap” is resurfacing because Will Smith has been highly visible celebrating a colossal win for ‘Bad Boys 4’…”

Instagram user @dmvpropertydiva wrote, “Nobody’s canceling Willy from Philly. Stephen A needs to hush.”

While Instagram user @comedianjustinwhitehead added, “I don’t think the box office missed your view Steph! 🤷🏾‍♂️”

Instagram user @elgincharles wrote, “The ‘Black community’ is NOT a monolith — so I don’t know why Stephen (of all people) feels that he speaks for all of us.”

Instagram user @mayaangelle added, “I’m here to tell you right now….. we don’t care.” 

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