The Erin Napier-Inspired DIY That Will Give Your Old Home Cottage Vibes

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In Season 7, Episode 15, Ben and Erin Napier borrowed stylistic inspiration from English countryside cottages. One of the most notable elements of this rustic renovation was the Napiers’ DIY window mullions. Typically, window mullions separate adjacent window panes to add both visual and structural support. However, the mullions crafted by Erin and Ben Napier served as an exclusively aesthetic upgrade. “We’ve gotten so many calls and texts. Did you guys do this house with the amazing windows? We’ve never done anything like this. It’s a big deal,” Erin boasts in this YouTube clip.

While these decorative mullions are often found on Tudor-style homes, Erin made a daring design choice to add them to this cottage to create an English country vibe. This home makeover is proof that unconventional design choices often result in a memorable outcome. Plus, this creative addition proves that you don’t have to break the bank. Ben and Erin Napier have tons of savvy tips for renovating on a budget, sharing countless affordable tricks. 

Also, while replacing your windows can be pricey, gluing makeshift mullions to your glass can create the illusion of a brand-new exterior. Although epoxy glue can be used, it may yellow over time, which is not ideal for a clear window. Consider a transparent glass and vinyl-compatible glue like E6000 from Amazon. Then, all you need are the following materials: a ruler, vinyl sheets, a saw, and your choice of paint.

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