Speaks On Nickelodeon Amid Dan Schneider Alleg.

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Ariana Grande is reflecting on her experience working at Nickelodeon amid the recent allegations against Dan Schneider and the release of ‘Quiet On Set.’

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Here’s What Ariana Grande Said About Her Time Working On ‘Victorious’ At Nickelodeon

On Wednesday, June 12, an episode of the podcast, ‘Podcrushed,’ was released via YouTube, which featured Grande as a guest. During the hour-long “part one” episode, Grande reflected on working as a child actor at Nickelodeon. According to IMDb, Grande starred in the network’s show ‘Victorious,’ between 2010-2013.

According to the singer, she was 14 years old when she auditioned for the show.

“And we were all very excited, and we got cast, and we were — it was the best news we could hear,” she explained.

Grande explained that she and her fellow castmates made “special memories” and “feel so privileged” to have been a part of “something so special for young kids.” However, she believes they are now “reprocessing” their “relationship to it.”

The singer went on to explain that child actors should be able to have their parents on set with them. Additionally, she believes that entertainment contracts should include mandatory therapy sessions for young stars.

“I’m reprocessing a lot of what the experience was like… [but] yeah, I think that the environment needs to be made safer if kids are going to be acting…” Grande explained.

Before concluding on the topic, the singer shared that it’s been “devastating” to hear the accounts of “survivors who have come forward” with their experiences at Nick.

“So, I think the environment just needs to be made a lot safer all around, and, like I said, I’m still, in real-time, reprocessing my relationship to it…” she reiterated.

Grande ultimately detailed some of the “beautiful” things she remembers from her time at Nick.

Social Media Weighs In On Ariana Grande’s Statements

Social media users reacted to Grande’s statements in The Shade Room’s comment section.

Instagram user @iykyk.iydknyk wrote, A lot of people don’t realize they were abused until they get older and think about the situations they went through as a kid.”

While Instagram user @_callmelanaa added, I’m happy she spoke on it but I can tell that it definitely triggered something deeper inside of her & she doesn’t feel comfortable speaking on it & that is okay. Praying for her peace.”

Instagram user @__briannawarren wrote, “She basically told us it was a horrible experience for her even though it still gave her opportunities… she doesn’t want us to see her trauma everytime we look at her so she’s not going to tell all the Buisness…. I’d do this too”

While Instagram user @stiixwrites added, You don’t realize until you’re older the damage really done from being groomed and preyed on.”

Instagram user @iambaewanna wrote, She trying so hard to NOT say anything.”

While Instagram user @keygotfanns added,I love her. You can tell it’s really a sensitive topic for her to talk about”

Instagram user @aminaalopez wrote,I bet she is reprocessing, because that was a lot to take in. And being an adult watching that back she is prolly so mind blown”

While Instagram user @theycallmedk__ added,You can tell she has a lot to say but can’t. So sad”

Another ‘Victorious’ Actor Opened Up About Nickelodeon Amid The Dan Schneider Allegations

As The Shade Room previously reported, Grande’s ‘Victorious’ co-star Victoria Justice broke her silence about her time working at Nick in May. At the time, she also spoke on the docuseries ‘Quiet On Set,’ which exposed the unsafe work environment Nick provided to its child stars.

Additionally, the docuseries explored Nick producer Dan Schneider and how he negatively influenced the work environment.

“Something that was very evident in the documentary is that Dan had a very large ego, and sometimes that ego clouded his better judgment and affected the way he treated people, and there were times I felt like I was being treated unfairly,” she said at the time.

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A few days before Justice broke her silence, fellow Nick actor Lori Beth Denberg accused Schneider of sexual misconduct, per The Shade Room. Denberg alleged that she was 19 when Schneider began preying on her, showing her pornography clips, and fondling her body parts.

In response, Schneider reacted to Denberg’s allegations.

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