Tinashe Says Her Ex-Label Is Gagging After The Success If ‘Nasty’

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Tinashe is celebrating her success as an independent artist after her song ‘Nasty’ became her first solo Billboard hit.

TMZ reports the 31-year-old told their Hip Hop division, “My ex-label is gagging.”

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Tinashe’s Song ‘Nasty’ Enters The Billboard Hot 100

Tinashe parted ways with RCA in 2019 and has been vocal about the uphill battle she’s faced as an independent artist since.

She told Polyester, “I have to keep it 100 with people. It is not easy being independent. To find enough money to be able to fund the things you want to create, whether that be studio time, putting together a live show, or making a music video. Those things cost a lot of money and to be able to maintain that on your own is very hard.”

With that being said, Tinashe is still happy to be label-free. Especially after she claimed she was forced to do “embarrassing” collaborations with artists like R. Kelly.

However, Tinashe’s hard work and the support of her dedicated fan base have paid off. The fly-your-freak-flag bop has debuted at #90 on Billboard’s Hot 100.

Social media has undoubtedly contributed to the success of the song with the viral ‘Nasty’ Challenge.’ TikTok users placed the sound over a nerdy-looking man whining his hips.


Ive been a nasty girl nasty 😏 #nastygirl #tinashe #fyp #slay #real #relatable

♬ Nasty – Tinashe

Other creators quickly began to make their own versions.


ning aint bout the freaky life

♬ Nasty – Tinashe

Tinashe’s Elation For The Song’s Expected Success

In May, the singer spoke to Variety about the unexpected success of her catchy hit. “It’s amazing. I’m just so thankful,” Tinashe said. Additionally, she shared that once she let go of the need for “validation,” things seemed to naturally fall into place.

“I was saying this to my mom the other day, 10 years later, who would have thought? And I didn’t need this moment. I came to the place where I didn’t need that validation anymore,” she said.  “And I think that makes it even better, because it’s like holy s**t, the universe just worked in such mysterious ways.”

Tinashe’s ex-label may be gagging, but the singer is basking in the glory of her first solo Billboard triumph. Get it, sis!

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