Jamie Lee Rattray Proud Of PWHL Boston Supporting Inclusivity

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PWHL Boston hosted a Pride Night on April 18 as they hosted PWHL Toronto at Tsongas Center.

For Boston forward Jamie Lee Rattray, it was extra special. She walked into the building on gameday with a custom jacket that was put up for auction to raise money for Sport A Rainbow, an organization that she is close with.

Fans filled the building for Pride Night with signs and custom outfits, a sight that made Rattray proud of her team.

“I’m super proud that we had (a Pride Night) in Boston,” Rattray said on NESN’s “Respect Her Game” podcast. “I think we did such a great job. I just remember going out on the ice for warmups and seeing all these different signs, rainbow signs, rainbow flags, people that did it all for the pride game, I thought it was super cool.”

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Rattray believes that the PWHL has helped create an atmosphere that makes everyone feel comfortable coming to games.

“It just shows that we really created this atmosphere that is super inclusive, and anyone can come to the rink and feel comfortable, whenever they’re watching or playing,” Rattray said. “That one I was super proud of. Our team and our business team did such a great job of making it special.”

NESN’s Bruins reporter Sophia Jurksztowicz and guest host Triple-A Worcester NESN’s sideline reporter Laura Stickells talk more with Lee Rattray on the most recent episode of NESN’s “Respect Her Game” podcast.

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You can watch the clip in the video embedded above.

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