Reacts To Complex Ranking Druski Funniest Person

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Complex recently shared its ranking of “The Funniest People On The Internet Right Now,” with comedian Druski as number one.

This has prompted many digital comics, such as Desi Banks, to weigh in with reactions to the publication’s picks.

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Who Made Complex’s “Funniest People” List?

The Complex staff ranked the individuals chosen based on several factors, including their reach, popularity, engagement, and social media reaction. Furthermore, Complex did not include stand-up comics.

At the top of the list is Druski, who built his career off relatable internet skits! Right behind him is BenDaDonnn. This man’s ability to perfectly impersonate messy relationship situations is unmatched.

Mark Philips & RDC World knabbed the No. 3 spot, and Tra Rags came in at No. 4. Additionally, stand-up comedian Theo Von rounded off the list at No. 5. The outlet noted that although he doesn’t make content on social media, his podcast clips consistently go viral on social media.

Following Von at No. 6 is Funny Marco.

Swipe below to see the complete list.

Social Media Reacts To Complex’s List Along With Desi Banks & Other Comics

Roomies under The Shade Room’s report criticized Complex’s choices. Commenters were surprised that Desi Banks (No.8), The 85 South Show (No. 10), and Kai Cenat (No.14) weren’t ranked higher.

@aj.woldy stated, “Kai at 14 is disrespectful. Biggest streamer in the world.”

@jackfunny313 said, “@iamdesibanks at 8 is crazy!”

“85 South at TEN!? Top 5 or NOTHING!” @slay.cole wrote.

@young_scratt asked, “Why the funniest people ranked so low?”

Additionally, some digital comics on the list commented.

@hahadavis quipped, “I’m blocking y’all.”

“This is all propaganda,” the @theshiggyshow added.

Although he wasn’t included, @mojobrookzz decided to take the high road, writing, “Congratulations to erbody on the list.”

Meanwhile, @desibanks seemed disappointed that he was ranked low. He stated, “Guess my black a** ain’t s***. Dizamn thanks for the fuel stuff like this motivate my Black a**.”

Then, on Friday, June 14, Banks stepped into The Shade Room to clarify his message. The comedian explained that he’s frustrated by Complex’s list. However, he really is using it for motivation.

“I’m playing but I’m not because I care that much about comedy, but it’s all good,” he told TSR. “I’ll keep doing my thing and elevating in the real world doing real s**t, also doing the social media. But it’s my motivation.”

Banks also pointed out that he would’ve liked to see more women on the list.

“It could have most definitely been more, I know a few women,” he said. “The women that’s on there, I can’t speak on people I don’t know. If we talking about social media, I’m talking consistency of comedy for years — folks they had on that list haven’t even been around like that.”


Humor is subjective, so it will always be difficult for the masses to agree. However, we’re all blessed to have so many comical creators bringing the laughs to our timelines.

Who’s your fave on the list?

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