Why He Waited 13 Years To Marry Wife (Exclusive)

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Vedo is speaking out after going viral for explaining why he waited 13 years before marrying his wife.

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Here’s Why Vedo Went Viral

On Tuesday, June 11, Streetz 94.5 published a video interview with the singer via YouTube. About three minutes into the interview, Vedo discussed his wedding to his girlfriend, Shá. The pair tied the knot earlier this year on Valentine’s Day.

During the conversation, Streetz co-host Mzshyneka asked Vedo how long he and Shá were together before tying the knot. In turn, Vedo explained that he and Shá had dated for 13 years before taking the big step.

Vedo explained that Sha had been there for him since the beginning of his career. From there, he went into deeper detail about their journey to heading down the aisle.

“We both were growing, we [were] young, [and] we had goals we were trying to reach before we got to that point. And I’m like, ‘Hey, if we’re gonna get married, we’re gonna do it our way,’” Vedo explained. “…[After] thirteen years, I was like, ‘Yeah, it’s that time.’”

From there, Vedo explained that he actually wanted to wait until after he and Shá had their first child to tie the knot.

“And I wanted to wait until I had a daughter — this may sound crazy [but] — I wanted to see if she’s a good mom,” he added. “If she’s a good mom, she’s a good wife.”

Additionally, Vedo explained that he and Shá had only been engaged for about a year and a half before they walked down the aisle.

Ultimately, Vedo doubled down on his stance about a woman being a good wife if she’s a good mom. Scroll below to his complete comments and see reactions from the Streetz co-hosts.

Social Media Goes IN On The Singer

Social media users immediately entered The Shade Room’s comment section to share reactions to Vedo’s stance.

Instagram user @ah.me.yah wrote,Absolutely NOT. NO RING, NO BABY 🤷🏽‍♀️”

While Instagram user @_pettyking added, “My thing is…Are you a good Dad or have qualities to be a good husband, while you’re observing the woman’s characteristics??!”

Instagram user @flyestnerd wrote, “Usually when someone says “this may sound crazy” it’s DEFINITELY gonna sound crazy”

While Instagram user @soldbyism added, Lord send the flood. I’ve had it.”

Instagram user @faith_with_an_e wrote, What kind of logic? So if she turned out to be a terrible mom what would the child be? Collateral damage?”

While Instagram user @ashliechannelle added, Marriage being scarier than a baby is INSANE!”

Instagram user @like.yanna wrote, So you didn’t see her qualities until she became a mother 😒”

While Instagram user @b_bee added,He didn’t know she was a good woman until 13 years later? Lol. Man WHAT? Get TF out my face. That’s manipulation. Men always want you to prove you’re a good woman, how bout you prove you’re a good man and worthy of me being your wife. TF”

Instagram user @rareartistry wrote, You can be a great mom and a horrible wife… you can be a great dad and a horrible husband.”

While Instagram user @the.jee.spot added, Intrusive thoughts like this should be taken to the grave… because he thought he ate, while saying in 13 yrs he didn’t know if she would make a great mother or wife 🙄🤧”

Instagram user @godschildjason wrote, Not gonna lie as an adult male, I’m not having kids with a woman to see if she’s a good mother… I can use my intuition and God to figure out if we can take on this life journey… some of these boys need to age and grow up”

While Instagram user @teerachelle_ added, He was better off just singing!”

Justin Laboy wrote, He gotta be a Pisces saying some sht like this… If you want to waste the greatest years of your life get you a Pisces 🥴😂 #Respectfully”

Meanwhile, Vedo even hopped in to add.

 “Cookin me like a rotisserie chicken! 😂😂 damn. SEND HELP!!”

Vedo Address The Backlash & Clarifies His Words

It didn’t take long for Vedo to clear the air. On Thursday, June 13, The Shade Room obtained an exclusive video of Vedo clarifying his sentiments. The singer explained that seeing his girlfriend become a good mother was “one of the reasons” he wanted to marry her. However, it wasn’t “the only reason.”

“That goes hand in hand with wanting to see if we would be able to successfully transition into parenthood together while still loving each other the same,” he said. “…Having a child can complicate things and sometimes muddy the love for one another. All the while, being a mother is a tough thing.”

Vedo explained that watching his partner “show up” and “sacrifice” for their child consistently — even on her “worst day” — would make him feel more confident that he would have a “hell of a wife.”

The singer ultimately explained that if his partner could do those things for a child, she could do those things in a marriage. Additionally, Vedo explained that he was “ready to be a father” before he was “ready to be a husband.”

Watch his full sentiments below.

To note, Vedo’s explanation sparked continued reactions in The Shade Room’s comment section.

Instagram user @indeskribeabull wrote, It’s not getting better 😂”

While Instagram user @the_fashionable_therapist added,Now you have a daughter. When her boyfriend comes to tell you she gotta wait 13years to prove herself worthy of marriage, what do you then say?? Yea….that doesn’t age well, does it?🫤🤦🏽‍♀️”

Instagram user @thepaulahellens wrote, He came to explain some MO BULLSHIT!! Good fckin night!!”

“Remember the j Cole line saying like if you laughing at a millionaire the jokes on you ? Cuz there’s nothing wrong not having a million but to laugh at a millionaire as if you wouldn’t want to be one ….” he wrote. “Imagine single women n single mothers ( nothing wrong with that we all have some we love in our lives ) laughing at a married woman & man because they feel they shoulda did it differently – but the irony is you haven’t done it at all.”

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