ScarLip Apologizes To Her Fans For Twerking In ‘She’s Hot’ Video

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ScarLip has issued a sincere apology to her fans for twerking in her latest music video. On Thursday (June 13), the Bronx-bred rapper sent social media into a frenzy when she dropped the visuals for her new record, ‘She’s Hot.’

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ScarLip Receives Backlash For Seemingly Switching Up Her Vibe

The viral snippet of ScarLip’s video shows her twerking in a pair of tiny booty shorts with her name embossed on the back.

Scar’s appearance threw social media users for a loop because she doesn’t usually flaunt her sexuality as part of her image. ScarLip is known for her aggressive, drill-style rap, and her fanbase has consistently urged her to maintain that unique aesthetic.

As her ‘She’s Hot’ video continued causing online conversations, Scar hopped on Instagram to apologize to her disgruntled supporters. She explained that she never intended to offend anyone and just thought it was time to switch things up.

“I know a few days ago you saw me shaking my booty on the internet. I wanna say, I apologize to all y’all and anybody I offended. Now, I know everybody’s like, ‘No, we don’t want you doing that…’ I understand that, right?”

See everything ScarLip said below. 

Scar further clarified that she wasn’t pressured by anyone to be sexy in the ‘She’s Hot’ music video. In fact, it was actually her idea to explore the new concept.

“I want you guys to grow with me,” she confessed. “Don’t put me in a box. I’m always gon’ give y’all that street sh*t, I mean, I’m the best to do it, right? And we all know that…but I want to, tap into what’s in me. It’s something in me that just wants to come out!”

Additionally, the ‘No Statements’ artist expressed gratitude to her mentor, Swizz Beatz, and her record label, Epic Records, for allowing her to be true to herself and granting her the “creative freedom to do what she wants.”

Scar elaborated on ‘She’s Hot’ and its video, telling her fans she simply wanted to enjoy herself this summer.

“It really is just a feel-good, summer vibe. I was just like, ‘I wanna feel good this summer. Let me put some summer music out,’ it’s just a feel-good vibe. It’s nothing crazy, and it’s still street.”

Social Media Reacts To Rapper’s Apology

The Roomies quickly came to ScarLip’s defense in The Shade Room comment section, asserting that there was nothing wrong with her appearance in the music video.

Instagram user @jux2_dion wrote, “Just bc she a female street rapper doesn’t mean she can’t tap into her femininity, she’s still a woman!”

Then Instagram user @mickipeezie wrote, “I don’t like that y’all bullied her into apologizing.”

Instagram user @indeskribeabull wrote, “She wasn’t even doing nothing for real… y’all dragging this!” 

While Instagram user @realboujee wrote, “She not allowed to twerk or sum?” 

Instagram user @prettyri_215 wrote, “I couldn’t be a celebrity because I’m not apologizing for everything I do.” 

Instagram user @supertomynatural wrote, “I love scar!! I hope she realizes that she owes nobody an apology!!!!!” 

Lastly, Instagram user @mybffscloset_ wrote, “Apologizing for being yourself is crazy! These people twerk after funerals…” 

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What Do You Think Roomies?

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