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Yes, Ariana Grande‘s voice doesn’t always sound the same, and? The 30-year-old “Yes, And?” hitmaker clarified in a new comment why her pitch drastically changed in a now-viral video from her interview on “Popcrushed.”

While replying to a fan’s TikTok video that questioned whether Ariana underwent a “voice change,” the Nickelodeon alum commented, “Habit (speaking like this for two years) and also vocal health.”

Ariana continued, “I intentionally change my vocal placement (high/low) often depending on how much singing I’m doing.”

She concluded her clapback by noting, “I’ve always done this BYE.”


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In the clip, Ariana was discussing her music with “Popcrushed” host Penn Badgley. At the beginning of the video, the Victorious alum spoke with a lower tone before quickly shifting to a soprano pitch a few moments later.

Social media blew up over the tone fluctuation in Ariana’s voice, and countless X users weighed in about it. One tweeted earlier this week, “Regular Ariana was coming out for a second,” while another wrote, “THE SWITCH IN VOICE PLEASE HELP ME.”

Others compared the sudden tone switch to her Wicked character, Glinda, as the witch from the musical is known for her high soprano voice. Ariana is portraying the famous character in parts 1 and 2 of the upcoming live-action adaptation of the Broadway musical. As fans are aware, she will be belting out her wickedly talented pipes to sing the iconic numbers “Popular” and “Defying Gravity.” Actress Cynthia Erivo is playing Elphaba in both movies.

While discussing Wicked in her recent podcast appearance, Ariana explained how she trained for the role despite already being a skilled pop singer.

“Glinda’s a soprano, like an opera soprano, not in the way I’m a soprano in my pop [career],” she pointed out. “It’s just a very different placement in the voice, and I was just training it and training it because even though the notes were there, it’s a different placement and singing them completely differently so I wanted to train my muscles. … I would go every day and train to learn the tools that I needed to sing and to be Glinda through and through.”

Apart from her new film, Ariana has also been hard at work with her music. Earlier this year, she released her new album, Eternal Sunshine. Additionally, she’s been dating her Wicked co-star Ethan Slater since last summer.

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