Atlanta’s Beauty Supply Institute Accused Of Scamming Owners

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Several Atlanta entrepreneurs are still searching for answers after accusing the Beauty Supply Institute of robbing them of their dreams. In this week’s episode of TSR Investigates, Justin Carter spoke to some of the business owners struggling to recoup their investments.

The Beauty Supply Institute collected money from aspiring beauty shop owners under the guise of helping them kickstart a supply store. However, business owners from Tampa, Maryland, and Virginia claim the company and its CEO, Devin Robinson, pocketed the funds and left them in the dust.

One woman, Pauline Mclaurin, told Justin Carter that she paid Robinson’s company $85,000. Ultimately, she ended up with an empty storefront that she later had to vacate.

So, what does Devin Robinson have to say about these accusations? See for yourself below!

How Much Money Did The Beauty Institute Collect From Business Owners?

Business owners who spoke on this TSR Investigates episode listed their financial losses in the five-digit area. One woman claimed to have given Beauty Supply Institute $70,300, while another said she paid $40,000, and yet another claimed to have given $85,000.

Their investments might seem like a lot, but the potential profit in the beauty space can seem limitless. According to Carter, Black people alone, in particular, spent $9.4 billion on beauty products in 2023.

Pauline Mclaurin, a Wesley Chapel, Florida resident, told Justin the supply store was a dream she had for herself, her husband, and their six children.

“I really wanted to get out of the corporate because having that many kids, they’re very insensitive to certain things, no matter how hard you work.”

Pauline said she chose the Beauty Supply Institute because it promised to handle “everything,” including setting up the store and providing a year’s worth of coaching. Ultimately, the company allegedly ended up draining her pockets and slowly killing off her dream. Now, all she wants is her coins back!

Scroll above to see what’s next for Pauline, meet other business owners with similar stories, and see how the company’s CEO is reacting to the ongoing allegations of fraud.

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