Patriots Fans Will Love Compilation Of Reunions At Tom Brady Ceremony

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The New England Patriots prepare for the 2024 season, though the franchise’s recent celebrations gave a nod to the past.

New England enshrined Tom Brady into the Patriots Hall of Fame with extra special ways to honor the quarterback’s legendary 20-year-career.

Two decades of football means hundreds and thousands of teammates who helped New England along the way. That led to a cross in generations that came on full display during the ceremony back on June 12.

Teammates such as Julian Edelman, Randy Moss and Wes Welker got a chance to reconnect while different eras of playmakers celebrated each other while honoring No. 12, as the Patriots showcased in a new video.

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From quarterbacks to tight ends, position groups crossed paths throughout the night and provided New England fans with quite the night of stories.

The Patriots also released a long-form behind-the-scenes production to reveal the collective experience of a night to remember at Gillette Stadium.

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