Jayda Cheaves, Dess Dior Talk Dating Men Who Earn Less Money

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If there’s one thing Jayda Cheaves and Dess Dior agree on, it is that their men’s pockets need to be stuffed! The besties joined the hosts of ‘Million Dollaz Worth Of Game’ and discussed a few topics. But one, in particular, has social media, once again, rehashing the conversation of dating preferences related to finances.

And to be clear, a man who earns less than Jayda Cheaves or Dess Dior is not the man for either. Keep scrolling to see WHY they both feel that way and how social media is sounding off about their answers.

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Jayda Cheaves & Dess Dior Explain Their Financial Dating Preference

Wallo and Gillie Tha King had both women explain why they wouldn’t give a man bringing in fewer coins than them a chance. Jayda kicked it off after giving a definitive no.

She started saying, “I feel like that’s one of my…” but Dess quickly jumped in and offered her perspective.

“As a man, I feel like you just should have more than me,” the ‘Bottega’ rapper stated.

Her bestie, Cheaves, agreed, adding, “Yeah, because dating somebody who doesn’t have more, they gon try to make you feel less than them as a woman. That’s how I feel, genuinely.”

She went on to explain that she knows women who are more financially dominant in their relationships and insists that “their boyfriends try to dog them out just to make them feel like they’re not that b***h.” 

“I never want to be a part of that,” the Waydamin founder said. “But if I’m going to be in a relationship, I rather it be with somebody that could benefit me, rather than someone that’s taking away from me and what I got going on. ‘Cause these men that don’t have the financial status that you have, they are gon just try to make you feel that you’re not HER. I’ve seen it.”

In the background, Dess Dior seemingly agrees with Jayda’s sentiments as she repeatedly says, “Yeah.”

Peep their conversation below. 

Note that the circulating clip is an excerpt of the hour-and-a-half full interview, which Wallo and Gillie released on Sunday (June 23).

Dess Dior Is Going Viral For THIS Song

This interview aside, Dess has been having a moment in the musical spotlight. Darkoo’s track ‘Favourite Girl’ is mostly definitely a favorite on social media and streaming platforms right now, and she’s featured on it.

The pair released the summertime Afrobeats tune with its video about a month ago. Jayda Cheaves stars alongside her “Get Money” bestie in the music video!

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