Making Case For Lions To Win Super Bowl LIX

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The Detroit Lions had a big year, and they have the opportunity to do it again.

On NESN’s “Foxboro Rush” podcast, Travis Thomas explained why he believes the Lions will win the NFC and ultimately win Super Bowl LIX.

“I believe in (the Lions),” Thomas said. “They should have been in the Super Bowl last year quite frankly. I’m going to go (Lions to win NFC) to put everything together, get back to the Super Bowl and win it.”

On the other hand, c-host Khalin Kapoor believes the Philadelphia Eagles will win the NFC with the help of Saquon Barkley. However, he believes the Cincinnati Bengals will be the one to win the Super Bowl.

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“I think the Bengals are going to (win the Super Bowl),” Kapoor said. “They are going to make it back and they’re finally going to finish the job after losing to Matthew Stafford and the Rams in their last appearance.”

Hear more from Thomas and Kapoor on the latest episode of the “Foxboro Rush” podcast.

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