India Royale & Lil Durk Address Baby Rumors, Woman Speaks Out

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A woman named Destini Phillip has seemingly spoken out after India Royale and Lil Durk addressed rumors of him recently fathering a child outside of their relationship.

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India Royale Addresses Baby Rumors Regarding Lil Durk As Woman Speaks Out

On Saturday, June 22, a user on X, formerly known as Twitter, took to the platform to share a video of the couple. Additionally, the user captioned the clip with them…”

Later that day, another X user, @_Marnisha, reposted the video of Durk and Royale and shared their opinion on the couple’s relationship.

“I just be looking at them in disbelief because the entire world know he had a baby on you. That’s insane. I no longer see genuine pure love. This a facade it’s cute though,” they wrote.

The X user’s opinion appeared to catch Royale’s eye. On Monday, June 24, Durk’s fiancée reposted their words and seemingly set the record straight.

Royale seemingly alleged that Durk did not recently “have a baby on her.” Instead, she explained that a woman was told her baby looked like hers and initially made a joke about it. Royale added that the joke apparently gave the woman “clout,” and “she ran with it.” Ultimately, Royale alleged that the internet “believed” the woman, which only fueled the perception that Durk stepped out on their relationship.

“The whole entire world doesn’t know a thing because it never happened. People told her baby looked like mine so she joked about it. & Since it gave her clout she ran with it and y’all dusty ass believed her,” Royale posted.

A Woman Speaks Out Seemingly In Response To The Fiancée’s Statements

Royale didn’t explicitly name the woman she was referencing in her post. However, in 2022, a woman named Destini Phillip went viral after posting a photo of her daughter whom social compared to Royale and Durk’s daughter, Willow.

At the time, Phillip only appeared to fuel speculation that Durk was the father of her child.


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However, on Tuesday, June 25, Phillip took to X to seemingly address Royale’s statement and set the record straight.

“I was really trying my hardest to enjoy my vacation but yall bring this up every 3 months I can’t go another year on this topic I’ve spent the last 4 years of being attacked because I chose not to post my bd and the gag is I probably never will it’s not yall business,” she wrote.

Ultimately, the woman alleged that the social media posts allegedly originated from a fake account. Additionally, she said she never alleged Durk was her child’s father.

“All those post that were made of me ‘talking’ about the situation were made from a fake page but instead of doing 1 second of digging yall ran with it and dragged me…” she wrote.

Ultimately Phillip doubled down on Durk not being the father of her daughter.

The Rapper Speaks Out As Social Media Chimes In

On Tuesday, June 25, Durk took to his Instagram Story to also weigh in on the viral rumors. The rapper wrote, “Can’t believe the rumors just go off facts…”

In response, social media users reacted to the ordeal in The Shade Room’s comment section.

Instagram user @mrzjustfine wrote,So if he did have a baby on her, how does that affect your life”

While Instagram user @lovelylaauraa added, Most of these relationships be embarrassing 😭”

Instagram user @guymom91 wrote, Yall be to invested in these celebrities lol just make sure a baby ain’t had on you 🤣🤷🏾‍♀️”

While Instagram user added, Why are y’all so invested in someone’s relationship 💀. If people sent half as much time getting to the bag and less on commenting negatively on folks they don’t know lives, they’d be a lot happier”

Instagram user @itsdejncole wrote, 😂😂😂 he get on my nerves. India already ‘cleared’ it up . Stawp it”

While Instagram user @justlauriel added, Durk reading yall comments like ‘😳’”

Instagram user @easymoneymm wrote, We live in simulation cause how yall worry bout lives yall ain’t living.”

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