Why Jrue Holiday Stood Out For Different Reason At Celtics Parade

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The Celtics basked in their championship parade last Friday with a rolling rally through the streets of Boston.

Jayson Tatum held up the Larry O’Brien Trophy for all to see while Jaylen Brown let out yells of jubilation and flexed high atop a duck boat.

Jrue Holiday took a different approach to the crazed celebration that saw over one million people come out for the parade.

During the latest episode of NESN’s “Hold My Banner” podcast, host Travis Thomas explained why Holiday’s subdued parade actions caught his eye.

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“The only player that stood out to me was Jrue Holiday,” Thomas said. “(He) was so calm, cool and collected. If you didn’t know what he looked like, you’d have no idea. He wasn’t standing on the duck boat. He was sitting in the window — it looked to me like he had a drink of some sort.

“And he was just sipping his drink, literally throwing a peace sign. No smile, nothing else, just ‘What’s up ya’ll, how ya’ll doing? OK, what’s up? Yeah, I’ve been here before. Two-time champ, that’s me.’ That was so cool to me. That stood out to me of just how cool he was.”

Holiday did at one point catch a phone that was thrown to him and snapped a picture before tossing it back.

But Holiday preferred to stay out of the spotlight — he wasn’t with the Celtics when they were honored at Fenway Park on Monday night — and soaked it all in a different way. There’s no problem with that.

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