How To Make A DIY Bamboo Fence To Keep Pets And Pests Out Of Your Garden

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Determine the length and height of the fence you need. When considering how tall to build, think about what you’re trying to keep out of your garden. While 2 feet in height will keep rabbits out, you’ll need to go at least 3 feet high for cats and dogs and over 8 feet for deer. Choose stakes that best fit your requirements, or size up and use a hand saw to cut them as needed. Next, place two stakes down on a flat surface horizontally to create the upper and lower “rails” of your fence. Attach vertical stakes to these using jute string, making sure they’re close enough so as not to allow animals to squeeze through.

YouTuber @lauracoteDIY suggests using a sturdy Japanese square lashing knot to tie your pieces together. While this may take a bit of time to master, it will ensure your bamboo is held together tightly and won’t be easily knocked apart by any curious creatures. Once you’re done with the knots, thread an extra horizontal stake across the middle (going over and under the vertical stakes) for added sturdiness.

Finally, insert hardwood stakes (The Home Depot sells a 6-pack for under $10) into the soil and attach your bamboo panels using more jute string. If you’re placing your bamboo fence in an area you’ll need regular access to (to weed, for example), leave the end of one panel unattached and latch it onto your hardwood stake using a gear tie — this will allow you to easily swing it open.

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