Jayda Cheaves Doubles Down On Not Dating Men Who Earn Less

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Jayda Cheaves had a spicy clap back for one social media user who disagreed with her recent comments about dating men who earn less than her.

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Jayda Cheaves Claps Back At Social Media User Who Said She “Went Out Sad”

Cheaves apparently took to Instagram Live earlier this week to connect with fans. During her time on the livestream, the mother of one addressed one viewer’s comment in particular. To note, earlier in the week, Cheaves appeared on a recent podcast episode of ‘Million Dollaz Worth Of Game.’ On the show, she explained that she wouldn’t date someone who earns less money than her because she believes they would try to make her “feel less than them as a woman.”

“‘You went out sad on the podcast,’” Cheaves said, reading the comment out loud before adding. “Baby, no the f**k I didn’t.”

Cheaves went on to explain that she said “exactly” what she “felt.”

“I said exactly what I felt, and the real, rich, boss b*****s will feel me,” Cheaves added. “And if you don’t feel me, then it just — it wasn’t for you!”

Watch her response below.

Social Media Weighs In

Social media users stepped into The Shade Room’s comment section to weigh in on the matter.

Instagram user @aquafran wrote, Until you’ve had a man that makes less than you try to demean you or tear you down because of his own insecurities you will never understand!”

While Instagram user @killacedez added, Imagine being mad over someone’s preference in dating??”

Instagram user @thereal.dollbaby wrote,I hate when celebrities say something that we all are thinking and then folks get to acting like it was wrong. Broke men are almost never just low on funds. The are low on positivity, low on communication, low on kindness.”

While Instagram user @coffeybaayb added, Thing is her Father put her on not Lil Baby. She had money before she got with him because her father flew all the way to China to help her start her first business. So that’s who set the standard for what she shouldn’t ever settle for . I concur 🙌🏾”

Instagram user @cle0petra wrote, Y’all don’t like her but she made sense though”

While Instagram user @glamsosa_blinks added, The girls that get it GET IT🤧”

Instagram user @vvsnce wrote,This girl rich AF. I wouldn’t want no broke boyfriend either 😂😂😂😂”

While Instagram user @jus_like_candii_ added, She ain’t lying‼️And the girls that get it GET IT!! I will NEVER ‘date down’ again! 🥷 was so insecure and always in competition with ME! Never clapped when I won but I was steady filling HIS cup! Never again!”

Some Instagram users, however, appeared to disagree.

Instagram user @ceojoshearl, wrote, lol the dudes they be around that make them feel less than are the same dudes that would make them feel less than if he had more. Lol. It’s not about how much the person has. It’s the type of man YOU are associating yourself with.”

While Instagram user @sayrobby_ added,  So basically if you have money fellas you can dog walk these females….they gave us permission.”

Instagram user @9ineartsstudio wrote, Ladies listen: I dated a man than made 30 k less than me annually. But when I lost that job he held me down and spoiled me for 5 months till I got back up and never ONCE mentioned anything about no damn money. Date the MAN not the salary he makes. (But def have standards)”

While Instagram user @missstaceyj3 added, One thing about Jayda is she’s going to take her L’s in public and not gaf 😂”

Instagram user @goddessk.renee wrote,Idk, his financial status dnt determine his masculinity. You can meet a man that make less but still pays the bills and he’s so secure and confident in his ability to lead he adds value. A provider, leader and protector is what I need. Someone that makes more is a preference not a necessity know the difference”

Here’s What The Socialite Recently Said About Dating Men With Lesser Pockets

As The Shade Room previously reported, while appearing on ‘Million Dollaz Worth Of Game,’ Cheaves further explained her stance on the matter. The mother of one shared that she has friends whose boyfriends earn less than them in their relationships.

“And their boyfriends try to dog them out, just to make them feel like they not that b***h, and I never want to be a part of that,” she explained.

Cheaves explained that she would like to be in a relationship with a partner who can “benefit” her rather than take anything away from her.

“‘Cause these men that don’t have the financial status that you have, they are gon’ try to make you feel like you not her,” she added. “I’ve seen it…”

Watch her entire comments below.

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