Looks Like “Squidward’s House” (Video)

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Hunxho had a surprising reaction after a social media user compared his looks to “Squidward’s house,” seen in the ‘Spongebob Squarepants’ cartoon.

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More On The Surprising Moment With Hunxho & “Squidward’s House”

On Monday, June 24, XXL released a video interview with its 2024 Freshman Class via YouTube. As The Shade Room previously reported, the annual list was released that same day. Additionally, the list features “rising rappers” who “are out here bodying the competition, per XXL.

In the video interview, the 11 freshmen respond to “mean” comments. About three minutes into the clip, Hunxho appears on screen and reads one not-so-nice remark.

“‘They said Hunxho look like Squidwards house,” the rapper reads before looking up at the camera and seemingly letting the words sink in.

After a few seconds, the rapper reacted.

“I probably do look like Squidward’s house,” he said, chuckling.

Check out his hilarious reaction below.

Instagram user @zombich wrote, At least it’s a nice, respectable home with great market value in Bikini Bottom 😭”

While Instagram user @coopdajuice added, He look like this emoji 🗿”

Instagram user @1kiaram wrote, At least he know 😂”

While Instagram user @askaboutsunny added, His silence for a split second was loud 😂”

Instagram user @shaeonset wrote, I never thought he woulda saw this 😩😭”

While Instagram user @atlpretty added, “His attitude about it is top tier 😂”

Instagram user @_chant.e wrote,Idgaf if he was built like Patrick . He’s still fine af 😩”

While Instagram user @zahraelise added, 😂 How do people come up with this stuff 🤦🏻‍♀️🤣”

Instagram user @dominiquechinn wrote, Why do people come on her and say stuff like this? Because what? 🥴😂”

While Instagram user @just__sayingtho added, How they even make this correlation 😂😂😂but they didn’t lie I see it”

Instagram user @indeskribeabull wrote, Nah this a next level roast 😂”

Hunxho himself even stepped in to add, Dat house ain’t got 💩 on me come on gang😂”

Here’s What’s Recently Been Happening With Hunxho

Outside of his inclusion in XXL’s 2024 Freshman Class, Hunxho has also been making headlines outside his music — with his dating life. As The Shade Room previously reported, in April, 42-year-old singer Keyshia Cole took to declare the then-24-year-old rapper as hers.

Since then, the pair have remained in the headlines as the singer addressed criticism of their apparent romance and Hunxho’s previous “sneaky links” with fellow rapper Gloss Up.

In May, Hunxho’s previous comments about having multiple women resurfaced. However, Cole reacted by making it clear that she wasn’t here for the “old s**t.”

Most recently, the singer popped out alongside the rapper to celebrate his 25th birthday.

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