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Brotherly instincts are kicking in for Jason Kelce as he shared he is “supportive” of his brother Travis’ “wonderful” relationship with Taylor Swift at an Eagles Autism Foundation event on Wednesday, June 26.

“We just want to be supportive of him and their relationship and everything that they’ve got going on because it’s so wonderful right now…He’s my brother, he’s always going to be my brother,” the 36-year-old said on footage posted on X by Alicia Roberts, CBS reporter.

This comment comes shortly after he attended Swift’s London Eras stop at Wembley Stadium where he was joined alongside his wife Kylie. “That was a blast this past weekend…We were over in London at those concerts, and Taylor, what she has accomplished not just in that short period of time, but over the course of her career, is truly remarkable,” he voiced.

The retired Philadelphia Eagles center has witnessed their romance blossom from the very beginning. He mentioned during an interview on a podcast, via Entertainment Tonight, “Travis and Taylor have taken it to another level and that’s a whole other side of it…Kylie and I think we have it bad, and then we go hang out with one of them for a second. This is a whole other situation here. I don’t even know how to, like, you can’t be a normal person at that point.”

Despite the two being the center of attention everywhere they go, the Super bowl champ recalled when he realized he was falling for her  in a recent interview on Bussin’ With the Boys podcast released on June 24.  “The first game she came to against the Bears. I was like, ‘Okay, I could probably set you up with everything.’ And she just walked right through the front door,” he said. “She was just like, ‘I just want to be around the family and friends and experience this with everybody.’ She got beaucoup points for that. I was like, ‘Damn, she’s in the madness. She wants to support me and do things like that.’ She really won me over with that one,” he shared. 

He continued, “You want to keep things private, but at the same time, I’m not here to hide anything, you know? That’s my girl. That’s my lady…So, it’s like, I’m proud of that.”

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