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Kevin Costner revealed that Prince William disclosed to him that his mother Princess Diana “fancied” him during an interview with People that was published on June 18.

“I happened to be in England, and I got this message that the prince would love to talk, and I said, ‘What?’…We met in this room, and it was just us. He walked up, and we shook hands. The first line out of his mouth was, ‘You know, my mom kind of fancied you’,” the 69-year-old shared.

The Bodyguard star was surprised by the conversation with the royal, especially since he had met her before through Duchess of York Sarah Ferguson who planned to have them work together on the sequel to the Whitney Houston film. “It was so sweet… Sarah was the one that set this up. Sarah was very cool—when she could have been going, ‘Well, I’m a princess too. What about me?’ She didn’t do that at all. Diana and I began to talk,” he recalled.

During an interview on The Howard Stern Show on Tuesday, June 18, he told the story of how he brought up The Bodyguard 2 to the royal. “I said, ‘I’m going to do Bodyguard 2 and I think I can build this around you. Would you be interested?’ She goes, ‘Yes … My life’s about to change.’”

He then added how the late Princess of Wales wondered if there was a kissing scene – this meeting happened as she was in the divorce stage from her husband King Charles III, “The second time we talked she said, ‘Is there going to be a kissing scene?’ I said, ‘Do you want there to be one?’ She said, ‘Yeah,’ and I said, ‘Then we’ll do that’.”

After her passing in 1997 he felt as if he could not replace her. The Royal Family was taken back by rumors of Kevin working on the second film, which apparently was not true: “It was like, ‘No, that’s not true.’ It got actually kind of ugly. I let it go for a while. It just got uglier and uglier…I called them up and said, ‘Stop. You need to stop because it is true’,” he told Howard Stern.

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