Jana Duggar Gives Update on Farm Life After Social Media Break

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Jana Duggar gave a rare update on her farm life after scaling back her time on social media. .

“So it’s been a little while since I’ve shared an update so I wanted to show you all what I’ve been up to the past few months on the farm and some fun projects that we’ve been working on,” Duggar, 34, said in a video posted to her YouTube channel on Sunday, June 30.

The video plays a sequence of clips showing life on the Duggar family’s Arkansas compound — from building fences to feeding animals — as the Counting On alum narrates the footage.

“The fencing turned out beautifully,” Duggar explained over the shot of a fence winding around greenery. “I am so pleased with how it all came together.”

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In another part of the video, Duggar swipes glass from a broken window onto the ground. “Just cleaning out the awful-looking shed,” she said.

Counting Ons Jana Duggar Gives Update on Beautiful Farm Life After 2 Year Social Media Break

Jana Duggar
Courtesy of Jana Duggar/Instagram

“I absolutely love this time of year, you can see the flowers growing, the vegetables are starting to grow,” Duggar said as she filmed a garden. “It’s just new life that is blossoming everywhere. It is so beautiful out here.”

​​The update comes after Duggar resurfaced on social media in May following a two-year break.

“Spring beauty,” Duggar captioned a clip of purple flowers blowing in the wind.

Duggar Family Gallery

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Two days later, the former reality TV star shared a photo of her with mom Michelle Duggar in honor of Mother’s Day.

“Happy Mother’s Day, Mom!” she captioned the snap.

Jana reappearing in the spotlight follows a long road of trials and tribulations for the Duggar family. Aside from her brother Josh Duggar getting sentenced to more than 12 years in prison in May 2022 for child sex crimes, Jana — who does not have children — reached a settlement that January regarding child endangerment charges filed in 2021.

News of Jana’s charge first emerged in early December, just one day after her brother was convicted of receiving and possessing child sexual abuse material.

Joy-Anna Duggar Austin Forsyth Gideon

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Days later, Jana addressed the child endangerment charge for the first time, speaking out about the situation in a statement via her Instagram Story.

“I’m only sharing this because the media has been having a field day with it all. I prefer a more private life, but I know my last name means that everything we do is open to public criticism and interest, especially during this time,” she wrote at the time.

Counting Ons Jana Duggar Gives Update on Beautiful Farm Life After 2 Year Social Media Break
Courtesy of Jana Duggar/Instagram

She continued: “The raw facts: I was babysitting a few months ago when one of the children wandered outside alone. A passerby who saw the child called the police. This resulted in a written citation, as well as a follow-up with child welfare who concluded that it was an accident and the child was unharmed. They recognized it was a case of a child slipping out of the house when you turn your back for a moment. It all happened so quickly and was scary.”

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