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Despite Julie Chrisley being sentenced in 2022 for a combined total of 19 years in prison alongside her husband Todd due to commiting fraud, their daughter Savannah Chrisley is hopeful for her mother’s return.

The 51-year-old TV personality was originally sentenced to seven years in prison but was overturned due to a miscalculation by a judge during her trial.

The judges noted in court documents held by E! News, “the district court did not identify the evidence it relied on to hold Julie accountable for losses incurred before 2007, and we cannot independently find it in the record…So we vacate Julie’s sentence and remand solely for the district court to make the factual findings and calculations necessary to determine loss, restitution, and forfeiture as to Julie and to resentence her accordingly.”

This gave hope to the Chrisley family. During the July 2 episode of the 26-year-old daughter’s podcast “Unlocked” she shared, “Now we sit and wait, hopefully, no more than 90 days to go for that hearing…Hopefully, she comes home. If she comes home, oh my gosh, life will be so much better… I’m making it my goal,” Savannah added, “that by Thanksgiving, she’s home.”

While that gets resolved, Todd in the meantime is serving his reduced sentence of 10 years– originally 12.

Being that both her parents have been locked up, has placed a lot of stress on Savannah with moving forward in life. “What’s tough for me is how Mom and Dad have that feeling that life is just continuing to move on without them… In a way, I have that feeling with people in my life because it’s like they just continue on living their lives,” she said on “ Unlocked.”

A lot of the pressure comes from Savannah having to take over and parent her brother Grayson and niece Nicole. She admitted to not being able to “breathe” due to the duties she now has to face. “I’m still sitting here struggling to catch my breath,” the Chrisley Knows Best alum admitted. “Whether it’s financially with the kids, trying to parent, me in a relationship… It feels like ‘Alright, I can come up for air,’ and then another blow hits… I’m still in the same place,” she said on the podcast.

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