Why Timing Definitely Matters With Upcoming Celtics Sale

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The Boston Celtics are off to one of the more unusual starts to an offseason.

Just days after parading through the city to celebrate the franchise’s 18th NBA title, Wyc Grousbeck and Boston’s ownership group announced intentions to sell the team on Monday.

NESN’s Travis Thomas and George Balekji discussed the timing of the Celtics’ sale on the most recent episode of “Boston Has Entered The Chat” on Tuesday.

“I don’t really have a problem with it from a business standpoint,” Thomas shared. “I think it’s brilliant from a business standpoint. I really do. The stock of this already historic, valuable franchise will never be higher. You’re coming off a championship. You’re set up to win multiple championships. I get it. (Grousbeck) is cashing out at the perfect time.”

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You can watch the clip above and tune into the full episode on YouTube and Spotify.

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