Discover How to Compost with this Simple DIY Dollar Tree Pitcher Hack

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This gardening hack is as easy as it is cheap. To start, drill holes all over the pitcher, with the lid included. In her YouTube video, Robbie uses a soldering iron to melt holes through the plastic. If you don’t have one, you can try a power drill. The goal is to perforate every surface so that water can drain out of your pitcher instead of pooling inside. After you’ve added holes, bury your pitchers throughout your garden. As seen in the video, Robbie buries them about halfway into the soil and helps to help jumpstart the composting process by scooping about a handful of garden soil into the pitcher.

Once the pitchers are in place, you can start adding anything you would typically add to your compost. That includes most kitchen scraps as well as yard waste like grass clippings and leaves. To speed up the process, shred or chop scraps into smaller pieces so they can break down faster. If a pitcher fills up, you can remove any finished compost and mix it into your soil.

The only ongoing maintenance required is the occasional watering to keep the organic matter inside moist. Since the pitchers are already buried in your garden beds, you can simply water them whenever you water your plants. As that organic matter starts breaking down, it’ll become a nutrient-rich compost slowly seeping out of the drainage holes in the form of compost tea that your plants will love.

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