Dutch Sperm Donor Fathered 1,000 Kids Speaks Out (WATCH)

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Jonathan Jacob Meijer, a Dutch sperm donor accused of fathering at least 1,000 kids in a new Netflix documentary, ‘Man With 1,000 Kids,’ is speaking out.

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Dutch Sperm Donor Jonathan Jacob Meijer Reacts To Netflix Documentary

On June 24, Meijer uploaded a video via YouTube. In the 15-minute-long clip, the sperm donor asserted that the Netflix documentary was indeed about himself.

“Now, first of all, I don’t know much about it because I didn’t participate. I declined… but… I was right in not participating,” Meijer explained.

The donor explained that he believes the title of the documentary is “misleading” and sensationalized. According to E! News, Meijer asserted that he has fathered around 550 children with sperm donors, and the company “magically” boosted that number.

“I don’t know where they get this number, I don’t know where they base it on,” he reportedly said before adding. “I haven’t seen the documentary, so I’m curious how the based it on. But to my knowledge, I helped 550 children… So, somehow, they manage to magically add 450 children to my records.”

Watch Meijer’s initial thoughts below.

According to Netflix, the documentary then premiered on July 3. The following day, Meijer returned to YouTube with another video. In the 10-minute clip, the sperm donor referred to the families who participated in the documentary as “bullies.”

“It’s a very bullying situation. It’s a couple of bullies; they united, and they want to take down a very good man — one of the best donors you can wish for,” he explained. “By doing so, they harm not only me but families around the world with donor children, and they should be stopped…”

Meijer explained that he never lied to the parents about the amount of children that he fathered and always followed the guidelines of various sperm banks. Instead, Meijer noted that the sperm banks did not disclose this information to families.

In one of his most recently posted videos, Meijer seemingly explained that he filed a defamation suit against Netflix for alleging he mixed his sperm with another donor on occasion.

More Details On Allegations Shared In ‘Man With 1,000 Kids’

According to Netflix, ‘Man With 1,000 Kids’ is a three-part docu-series that explores Meijer’s donor journey. The film documents the accounts of various families who allege Meijer donated his sperm “across several countries and continents” and “lied” to parents about the extent of his endeavors.

“You get one life on this Earth — why has he chosen to use his charm and his intellect and his creativity in order to try to procreate on a mass scale and deceive all these people?” the documentary’s director, Josh Allott, reportedly stated. “Speaking to lots of different parents that have met him and people that know him well, it seems like it almost became an addiction for him.”

In addition to speaking with families who utilized Meijer’s sperm donations, the documentary also followed Meijer’s recent trial, where a Dutch judge banned him from donating sperm in the Netherlands. Additionally, the judge requested that sperm banks in the country immediately “destroy any of his semen available to new parents.”

More Details On The Previous Legal Action Against The Donor

As The Shade Room previously reported, in April 2023, Meijer gained national attention after reports surfaced that one of the mothers who utilized his sperm had sued him, seeking that he be banned from giving donations.

The woman reportedly alleged that Meijer had lied to her, alleging he only fathered a “maximum” of 25 children. Additionally, the mother explained that if she knew the true extent of his donations, she wouldn’t have utilized Meijer’s sperm.

“When I think about the consequences this could have for my child, I get a bad gut feeling, and I become uncertain about his future: how many more children will be added?” the woman stated, per Insider.

Netflix’s documentary seemingly explored the “consequences” more deeply. In the film, parents disclosed their concern that Meijer fathering such a large amount of children across the world would increase the kids’ susceptibility to incestual relationships.

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