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MEDFORD, MASS. (WHDH) – Staff members of a Medford car dealership rescued a soaking wet kitten from a storm drain.

The general manager of the dealership said he was walking around the area and heard meowing from a grate.

“A few of us pulled the storm drain off, and the poor thing was hanging on for dear life, half-submerged underwater, so we grabbed some brooms and a few things, and were able to get her out safely,” the manager said.

They took the kitten to safety and cleaned her up with a towel. They then gave her some food and named her Stormy.

“I don’t think she’s ever been around humans before. We’ll see how it goes. She gets a little skittish when people are around,” said the dealership’s manager.

After finding her, the staff checked around the dealership, but there were no signs of a mother or another kitten.

“We’ve had rabbits in the grass and stuff, but nothing in the drains. That was a first,” the manager said.

He said a vet believes Stormy is between two and three weeks old. He expressed just how happy he was to have found her.

“She was hanging on to the edge of the concrete, and well, let’s just say, sooner or later she would not be able to hold on any longer,” the manager said. “Don’t know exactly how she got in there, but we will do what we can to take care of her.”

That manager said he is adopting the kitten and plans to surprise his 5-year-old daughter with the new pet.

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