Shower Curtains Or Glass Doors?

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Glass doors have many benefits, cleanliness-wise. Glass is a non-porous surface, so it doesn’t absorb as much bacteria or moisture as cloth or plastic. That said, it’s still vulnerable to build-up from hard water, soap, and grime, especially in the seams and tracks along the top and bottom of the doors, which may grow mold or mildew over time.

Glass doors require regular scrubbing to stay clean and clear. Experts recommend cleaning your glass doors every week, with monthly deeper cleans of the seams, tracks, and other harder-to-access nooks. You can also squeegee the glass after showering, or use a daily cleaning spray, to help prevent as much build-up in the first place. Something as simple as a rubbing alcohol solution can keep your doors streak-free.

So, while glass can be a more sanitary option than a curtain, it does often require some hands-on legwork to keep it in good shape. Aside from hygiene, unclean glass is also unsightly. If you were hoping for less scrubbing, it might not be the best choice for you.

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