Avoid This Common Cleaning Method When It Comes To Your Snoogle Pillow

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To properly fluff your Snoogle pillow, you can slap, squeeze, or even shake it. You can also push it together like an accordion, grabbing each end. If you don’t want to poke and prod your pillow, you can always throw it in the dryer with wool dryer balls. If you don’t have dryer balls, you can purchase them on Amazon for $7. If the issue with your Snoogle is the smell, you can try washing it by hand. The Snoogle has polyester filling, a material you can launder in the tub or washing machine. 

If you choose to wash your pillows in the tub, use cold water and mild detergent. Let it soak in your tub for a few minutes, absorbing the soapy water. Gently massage your pillow, working to clean it thoroughly. Once done, drain your tub and refill it with clean water, massaging your pillow once again to remove all the soapy water. Don’t wring your pillow — press out excess water and let it air dry. If you have a fan, place your Snoogle in front of one. Otherwise, you can expect your pillow to take about 24 hours to dry when in a well-ventilated area. 

Although it goes against manufacturer directions, you can launder a body pillow in the washing machine. Wash it alone with gentle detergent and cold or warm water. Next, let it tumble dry on low, using wool dryer balls to help it retain its shape. 

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