Creative Pool Noodle Bed Hacks That Won’t Break The Bank

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Pool noodles have industrial origins — allegedly, the durable but flexible foam material was originally used for expansion joints. Nowadays, these polyethylene foam cylinders are sold for less than $1 a piece from most major retailers, and they’re solely designed for swimming purposes. However due to their ridiculously cheap pricing and soft but supple material, pool noodles are also perfect as the main component in home DIY projects. Their round plush shape is ideal for bed solutions especially, since they fit the cozy aesthetic of sleeping spaces.

You can repurpose pool noodles for decorative and functional purposes with just a few other cheap materials, like spray paint, extra fabric, and hot glue. Pool noodles add a unique decorative appeal or solve minor and major issues that improve your quality of life. Learn more below about how to use a pool noodle in 10 different projects to transform adult and children’s beds. Many of these ideas are doable for under $20, especially if you already own popular crafting tools and use secondhand fabric from old bedding sets, blankets, towels, or garments.

Curve pool noodles to create a bohemian-style cushioned headboard

Collect six pool noodles, three yards of fabric, and hot glue to create a boho-style headboard. Make sure to choose a stretchy fabric that can be pulled taut over the pool noodles and avoid wrinkling. Curve each pool noodle into an arch shape, lining them over one another to make a rainbow shape. Hot glue them in place, keeping in mind that hot glue is best for pool noodles. Finish by cutting the fabric into long strips to glue over the noodles to form an arched luxurious pool noodle bed headboard.

Use pool noodles to close the gap between your bed and the wall

The gap between the mattress and the wall is a minor inconvenience but is frustrating when small items slip through. Put a wedge in this gap using one or more pool noodles. Measure the width and length of the crack beforehand so you know how many you’ll need. Slide your purchase into the gap and no longer worry about phones, earplugs, and other small items slipping through. If you don’t like the way the noodles look, size up your comforter and sheet set to hide them better.

Use noodles as bumpers to keep rowdy sleepers from falling off the bed

Instead of investing over $20 in a pair of safety bumpers for a child or adult bed, fashion your own using six pool noodles. Divide the noodles into two sets of three, and wrap duct tape around the bundles. Tuck each bundle on either side of a bare mattress, securing them with a mattress cover and fitted sheet. Add security by purchasing bed sheet holder straps for $9.99 on Amazon. These straps help hold both bed sheets and noodles in place.

Staple pool noodles into a rectangle shape to make a DIY bed frame

Dress up a simple bed frame using four wood planks, many pool noodles, fabric, hot glue, and a staple gun. Pick wood planks the same length and height as the frame. Most bed frames are around 1 to 2 feet tall, and roughly five pool noodles fit every foot of height. You’ll need about 20 pool noodles to cover all sides. Hot glue the noodles to the wood planks, and dress them up with a staple gun or more hot glue and stretchy fabric.

Push a pool noodle between your frame and mattress to securely tuck in sheets

All it takes is one pool noodle to help make the bed on a daily basis. Use a single pool noodle to tuck a comforter and sheet set between a mattress and bed frame. Pick a pool noodle in a neutral color, or spray paint it using water or latex-based paint. Don’t use an oil-based paint, as this breaks down the foam in the noodles. Ensure the paint is completely dry before you use it on your bed.

Create a headboard with hidden book storage out of pool noodles

Pool noodle headboards aren’t just for aesthetic purposes; try turning them into an impromptu hidden bookshelf. Purchase an open-shelf style bookcase the same width as your bed and slide it between your bed and the wall. Make sure the shelves are accessible from the sides. Create an arched or straight pool noodle headboard, following the aforementioned instructions, but ensure the creation is tall enough to obscure the shelves completely. Slide the noodle headboard between the bookcase and the bed to mask a hidden library.

Cushion the bars on a futon to make it more comfortable

Cushion a flimsy futon by covering the uncomfortable bedframe bars with pool noodles. Use a utility knife, or another useful tool for cutting pool noodles, to cut slits in pool noodles. You may also have to cut the noodle lengths in halves or thirds so they can fit between perpendicular bars. Ensure you have enough noodles to cover the entire furniture piece so it doesn’t lay unevenly. Don’t forget to test that it closes properly with the added foam — do not force it to close if it’s incapable.

Combine a blanket and pool noodle to make a cozy pet bed

Begin making a small pet bed by grabbing an old blanket, a hot glue gun, and a single pool noodle. Curl the pool noodle into a circle, and hot glue the ends together. Put a small pillow in the center for extra cushioning or simply fold the blanket around the foam circle, tucking it in and hot gluing it in place. This cozy pet bed fits animals under 15 pounds, such as cats, ferrets, rabbits, and small dogs.

Cut up a pool noodle to cover sharp corners on toddler beds and bunk beds

Pool noodle foam is durable and flexible, and it’s perfect for child-proofing furniture. Use a utility knife to cut off pieces of the pool noodle to fit it over bed post corners and sharp ladder rungs on bunk beds. Split the length of each noodle to fit it over problem points, and secure it in place using Amazon’s $7.99 professional-grade duct tape. Consider also using a clever spiral cutting hack to give the pool noodle bumpers a more artsy design.

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