New tropical disturbance being monitored off Southeast coast

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Just when it seemed the tropics might take a break, the National Hurricane Center says it is now tracking a new tropical disturbance off the Southeast coast that is currently producing disorganized showers and thunderstorms.

“This is where you would expect to see maybe some June and July mischief,” FOX Weather Meteorologist Stephen Morgan said. “It’s a low chance of development, but the signals are there that we could be dealing with it.”

The NHC said environmental conditions appear only marginally favorable for some additional development of this system over the next couple of days before it moves inland over the southeastern U.S. by this weekend. Currently, the storm has just a 10% chance of development. 


The National Hurricane Center is tracking a new tropical disturbance off the Southeast coast.
(FOX Weather)


“There have been some signals on at least one of our hurricane models, showing that there might be something that tries to spin here,” Morgan said. “We know that real estate is going to be a big thing. It might run out of room before it even gets a chance.”

However, the incoming disturbance will bring much-needed rain to North Carolina and Virginia, the FOX Forecast Center said.

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