The Bizarre Grass Hack People Use To Clean Oven Racks (& Does It Actually Work?)

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Nancy introduces this hack in her video by saying, “I’ve got my two oven shelves here. There’s one, you can see it’s fairly grotty… I’m going to show you how we can clean [it] whilst we sleep.” She then recommends leaving the oven rack on the lawn overnight, but notes in the comments that it “needs to be real grass.”

This is said to work because the dew and moisture on the lawn seem to help loosen burnt-on stains and grime. However, you’ll still need to wipe it clean in the morning. But keep in mind that it’s unlikely to do the job perfectly. You may find that some stains haven’t been removed overnight, so you may have to follow the process with other easy ways to clean oven racks, such as using baking soda and vinegar or essential oils, to fully remove dirt and grime. 

Another big drawback of using this hack is that your​​ oven rack will be left outside, and will potentially be exposed to bugs and animals in your yard. Relying on this method could lead to rusting as well. You’ll want to carefully consider whether leaving oven racks on your lawn is worth the risk or not. If you do use this hack, be sure to check the racks for insects when you bring them back inside and give them an extra bit of cleaning to prevent any problems.

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